500 Years of Baking Knowledge

At Sehnert’s we have created a convenient new online ordering platform so you can get your favorite Sehnert’s holiday treats delivered directly to your door.

Pastry or roll?

Breakfast starts with a great selection of pastries, rolls, or classic donuts. We have been creating handcrafted treats for over 500 years.

At Sehnert’s we have created a gathering place. Sehnert’s won’t just satisfy your hunger, we also have a great atmosphere to come socialize while enjoying your favorite sandwich or treat. Take a little vacation in life at Sehnert’s Bakery and Bieroc Cafe.

Coffee & Espresso Drinks

We offer some traditional favorites like drip coffee and handcrafted lattes but we also offer premium freshly roasted coffee from Knowlen & Yates as well as 308 Coffee that is roasted just a 10 minute drive from here. Fresh roasted coffee ground to order and served with a friendly smile.

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"Fritters make Friends"
-Darrell Scott
"Eat More HOLE foods"
-NE State Patrol
An American Classic"
-James Beard
"It takes me back to my childhood"
-Marty McFly
"Art is more than entertainment"
-M. Sehnert